Right Here, Right Now: The Power of Acceptance

The next few months will be challenging for all of us and devastating for many. The last thing we want to do is make life harder than is necessary. This is a choice.

One way we choose to make life harder during adverse experiences is to think things should be different than they actually are and believing they will end up worse than expected – a sure fire avenue to feel anxious and discontented. It’s human nature. Under threat, disbelief becomes an irrational way of protecting ourselves and expressing our vulnerability all while anticipating the worst gives us a false sense of control. We say to ourselves and others that this shouldn’t be happening. That it is not okay. We feel powerless and look for blame. Our emotions get convoluted and come out sideways towards people we love and those we don’t even know.

The counterbalance to pushing against reality is accepting it. Acceptance is not giving up or giving in. Acceptance is believing in what is happening because it is the truth. The truth is the situation we are in right here, right now is bigger than all of us and NOBODY knows when it will be over; how it will turn out for each of us; or for the world at large.  Accept that and you will reduce your suffering.

What gets in the way of acceptance is the fear that you won’t be able to handle what comes at you. What makes acceptance easier in the face of fear is knowing deep in your heart that you can and will handle itwhatever it is. It might be uncomfortable, messy, difficult, painful or downright devastating. It may mean big changes in your life and it might take a while to recover. Regardless, you are going to persevere. When haven’t you?

Stop spending your precious energy pushing against what is happening in your life right now. Accept it as the truth. Believe you are strong and resilient. Take responsibility for the choices you make every day and how they influence the quality of your life and those around you. Let the opportunities that surround you today speak louder than your fears about tomorrow.

Even during the hardest of times, there are moments of relief from our pain. Sometimes we need to create them and other times we must just recognize them. These moments are for the taking every day. Pay attention. Don’t miss yours.

Take good care and Godspeed.

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