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Organizational Consulting

In today’s complex business climate you may need to run lean on manpower but you definitely do not want to run lean on BRAIN POWER. Your organization’s success depends on your people’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. These abilities support your day-to-day operations as well as strategically position your business in the marketplace for future success.

Why do individuals, teams and organizations make poor decisions and avoid solving problems? Despite what we often think, poor problem resolution is not due to incompetence, a lack of intelligence or negative intentions. Instead, it results from a faulty problem solving process which costs time and money while threatening an organization’s culture.

With over 20 years of problem solving expertise, I use a unique and innovative blend of academic training, expert human relations skills and creativity to teach practical problem solving skills that generalize to even the most complex situations. Once these skills are learned, I mentor individuals and teams as they solve problems and establish strategic initiatives within the organization. All services are custom designed to meet your specific organizational needs and guaranteed to produce results you can count on.

When problems go unsolved and decisions go unmade organization’s flounder and lose money. Don’t let that happen to you.

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Alicia Farrell, Phd., of Clearview Consulting, is a dynamic and inspirational speaker! She has the ability to connect to listeners with a combination of humor, warmth, sincerity and intelligence. We have had the good fortune to have Dr. Farrell facilitate a number of programs for our Youth Service Bureau. She has adeptly connected with all ages of youth and parents around difficult topics in ways that allow them to feel understood and validated. Dr. Farrell also provides the ‘science’ behind the topic(s) in ways that are easily understood and inform the listener. I think one of Alicia’s gifts is that she helps people understand themselves better, and makes it possible for them to feel hopeful in spite of potential challenges.

-Heather McNeil LMFT, LADC, Director Old Saybrook Youth & Family Services