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Life can come at you hard and fast. You know what makes these times easier? Knowing and accepting yourself. The good. The bad. And, the ugly. That kind of self-awareness and the life skills that come along with it require expert guidance. That is where I come in.
Bring me your life challenges and together we will find your brand of courage, develop some skills, take action and produce results. You’ll be in good hands.

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With life comes struggle, and with struggle comes strength. When you find your strength, you find your courage and when you have courage, you can change. As an accomplished Cognitive Psychologist with years of experience I have helped many individuals, couples, families and organizations solve problems and create positive change.

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As a cognitive psychologist and professional speaker for over 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients to solve complex life problems and presented to thousands on getting back to the basics of life and happiness. All the work I do has a touch of science and a whole lot of reality. I am committed to reaching results using a no nonsense approach; whether working one-on-one, speaking to a crowd or through my organizational consulting. You’ll be inspired to take action.

In 2013, Alicia Farrell gave the keynote at MCSAAC’s Annual Meeting. In the space of thirty minutes she set off a chain reaction of events that is still going on today, still bringing positive change to our community. Those who heard Alicia speak that morning got the word out, and since then, she has been engaged for numerous public forums. Whether she’s addressing parents, medical professionals, educators, or youth groups, Alicia knows how to fashion a substance abuse prevention (or treatment) message that resonates with everyone in the audience. Alicia was a lead speaker in the 2014 regional forum “Protecting Brain Development: Marijuana, Technology, Alcohol & Youth,” sponsored by a consortium of health organizations in Middlesex County. The event drew a large crowd, was covered by CT Public Radio, and solidified Ms. Farrell’s position as the “go to” speaker for youth and marijuana issues. She remains a Middlesex County resource and treasure!

Betsey S. Chadwick, Director, MCSAAC


Boots on the Ground Parenting

What I see in our culture is worrisome. We’ve lost touch with what’s important; connection, conviction and authenticity. It’s time for a shift. As parents, we need to get back to basics by committing to our values, thinking for ourselves, and not taking the age-appropriate struggle out of our children’s lives. There is no one right way to parent; no one right way to grow-up. I can help you develop the tools and techniques that work best for your family. You’ll be empowered to take charge.

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