Is your college student ready for the real-world? What role do you play in their preparation and success? Feeling overwhelmed or fearful of what is yet to come? This talk is designed to provide direction and tools for you as a parent preparing to send your child into the big bad world. You will learn:

  • What to focus on with them their senior year?
  • How much to involve yourself in their plans after graduation?
  • The importance of the “Money Talk”.
  • What should your boundaries and expectations be if they come home after graduation?
  • How to communicate and enforce your boundaries and expectations?

This talk is relevant for any parents with a young adult in their junior or senior year of college. Grandparents, school administrators, counselors, teachers, employers and community and political leaders will also benefit from this talk. It is customizable to suit your needs and can be given as a keynote or an interactive workshop.