In 2013, Alicia Farrell gave the keynote at MCSAAC’s Annual Meeting. In the space of thirty minutes she set off a chain reaction of events that is still going on today, still bringing positive change to our community. Those who heard Alicia speak that morning got the word out, and since then, she has been engaged for numerous public forums. Whether she’s addressing parents, medical professionals, educators, or youth groups, Alicia knows how to fashion a substance abuse prevention (or treatment) message that resonates with everyone in the audience. Alicia was a lead speaker in the 2014 regional forum “Protecting Brain Development: Marijuana, Technology, Alcohol & Youth,” sponsored by a consortium of health organizations in Middlesex County. The event drew a large crowd, was covered by CT Public Radio, and solidified Ms. Farrell’s position as the “go to” speaker for youth and marijuana issues. She remains a Middlesex County resource and treasure!