What would you do if the research showed a relationship between eating broccoli and negative changes in your child’s brain development? You wouldn’t feed them broccoli, right! What if the same was true for technology and drug use? This talks combines the influence of drugs and technology use on our children’s development. You will learn important facts that will help you parent, mentor, educate and be a role model to the children in your life. This information is vital to your children’s health and wellness. Here are just a few questions that will be answered:

  • Is marijuana a safe recreational drug for our children to experiment with?
  • How much technology use is too much for children of all ages?
  • How do you set boundaries and consequences that are fair and realistic?
  • What do you do if technology already rules your roost and/or your teens are experimenting with drugs?

This talk is relevant for parents, grandparents, school administrators, counselors, teachers, community and political leaders. It is customizable to suit your needs and can be given as a keynote or an interactive workshop.