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How to Let Go Without Losing Control

April 6  // workshops

Letting go of our children begins at birth and never ends! It is one of the hardest and most important challenges we face as parents. There are no hard and fast rules to accomplish this feat but there are guidelines … Continue reading

The Power of Positive Communication

April 6  // workshops

Whether you are a parent or work with toddlers, youngsters, teens or young adults this talk will prepare you to help them become competent, independent and resilient individuals. You will learn down-to-earth and practical skills you can apply immediately like: … Continue reading

Raising a Well-Adjusted, Confident and Self-Reliant Boy

April 6  // workshops

Are you raising a boy? Are you teaching boys? Are you coaching boys? Are you counseling boys? This talk is for you because boys are different than girls. They need different experiences and support to form a strong sense of … Continue reading

Expectations and The Power of Pro-Active Parenting

April 6  // workshops

Setting boundaries and expectations with children and adolescents is a tricky business. If you’re too restrictive, your child may revolt. If you’re boundaries are too loose, you may lose control. In this talk you will learn strategies that work to … Continue reading

The Art of Effective Problem Solving and Critical Decision Making

April 5  // workshops

Got Problems? Everybody does! This workshop is designed to empower you to unleash your problem solving power. You will learn and practice a value-based process to accurately identify and solve problems as well as make effective decisions, on the job … Continue reading