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I have attended several of Dr. Farrell’s talks related to boosting brain power, attitude and resilience, and positivity. Her interactive presentations are engaging and informative. She uses current research throughout her talk and offers helpful suggestions to maintain overall mental and physical health. Dr. Farrell’s expertise and enthusiasm leave the audience members with a feeling of optimism and empowerment in creating their life story.

-Susan Delvecchio

Alicia Farrell, Phd., of Clearview Consulting, is a dynamic and inspirational speaker! She has the ability to connect to listeners with a combination of humor, warmth, sincerity and intelligence. We have had the good fortune to have Dr. Farrell facilitate a number of programs for our Youth Service Bureau. She has adeptly connected with all ages of youth and parents around difficult topics in ways that allow them to feel understood and validated. Dr. Farrell also provides the ‘science’ behind the topic(s) in ways that are easily understood and inform the listener. I think one of Alicia’s gifts is that she helps people understand themselves better, and makes it possible for them to feel hopeful in spite of potential challenges.

-Heather McNeil LMFT, LADC, Director Old Saybrook Youth & Family Services

I have been a participant in several of Alicia Farrell’s trainings. She is a dynamic speaker that engages her audience early and then maintains their attention with expert content. Each time there was a robust question and answer period following her presentation. I have highly recommended her to colleagues and will continue to do so as she presents in a way that is informative and inspires action.

-Terri DiPietro MBA, OTR/L, Director, Center For Behavioral Health

Alicia is a featured keynote speaker at many local community venues that I have organized or attended including Compassion Counts, The Early Childhood Community Forum addressing relevant topics including normalizing mental health issues, positive parenting, raising a touch screen generation, and energizing the aging brain. Her calm assured manner puts her audience at ease as she shares stories, insights, and wisdom. Alicia actively encourages participants to engage in exercises to expand the conversation beyond the event. Inspiring!

-Susan Scott, MS, LMFT, Pathways Center for Learning & Behavioral Health

I have been to at least four of Dr. Farrell’s parent workshops. Each time I have left the workshop with knowledge and tools I did not have when I arrived- practical tools I can use. These workshops are dynamic, full of important information that I have implemented both professionally as a counselor, and as a parent. I certainly have changed my parenting style for the better. Dr. Farrell is very knowledgeable and brings personal stories and humor into her presentations. I also really like that parents have a lot of opportunity for comments and questions. I like the workshops so much that I scheduled them for my school district.

-Diana Zuckerman, School Counselor

In 2013, Alicia Farrell gave the keynote at MCSAAC’s Annual Meeting. In the space of thirty minutes she set off a chain reaction of events that is still going on today, still bringing positive change to our community. Those who heard Alicia speak that morning got the word out, and since then, she has been engaged for numerous public forums. Whether she’s addressing parents, medical professionals, educators, or youth groups, Alicia knows how to fashion a substance abuse prevention (or treatment) message that resonates with everyone in the audience. Alicia was a lead speaker in the 2014 regional forum “Protecting Brain Development: Marijuana, Technology, Alcohol & Youth,” sponsored by a consortium of health organizations in Middlesex County. The event drew a large crowd, was covered by CT Public Radio, and solidified Ms. Farrell’s position as the “go to” speaker for youth and marijuana issues. She remains a Middlesex County resource and treasure!

-Betsey S. Chadwick, Director, MCSAAC

Alicia Farrell’s ability to bring an introspective and accurate modern-day perspective to an epidemic that is often times miss-represented, is unmatched. Popular beliefs are challenged in such a way that is easy on the ears, which is so important when addressing an audience filled with those that both support and denote marijuana use. Alicia provides an objective view of scientific fact, coupled with her extensive professional experience as a mental health professional. She has spoken for us on many different occasions, each of which have had remarkable effects on audiences of professionals, families, and young adults, provoking thought and most importantly, action.

-Matthew Eacott, Vice President, Aware Recovery Care